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Deafness and hearing impaired, Reason of Deafness, Homeopathic Remedies for Deafness, Hearing Aids

Deafness: Deafness is the inability to sense the sound and understand the sound falling with in the human audible range due to some problems in the ears. Deafness may be of one ear or of both the ears. Some out of the various reasons of deafness are,
Abnormalities of Ears, Ear canal obstructions, middle ear abnormalities, inner ear abnormalities, defects, rupture of inside membrane.
Blow of Cold air in the ear.
Exposure to very high noise
Injury of the Ear, Head injury
Mumps, Measles, Meningitis, Syphilis
Use of some Drugs, Antibiotics, Chemicals
Genetics, Inherited.
The severity of deafness are measured and classified based on the level of sound in decibels (dB) to make it audible to the individual concerned whose range of hearing is measured..
It may be mild (20-45 db), Moderate (41-55 dB), moderately severe (56-70 dB),
Severe (71-90 dB), Profound>90 dB.
To improve the hearing, Equipments called hearing Aid are being manufactured by various Manufacturers which are easily available and can be used after Doctor’s advice.

Merc Sol, 3, 30: Useful if Deafness is after Coryza due to blockage of Eustachian Tube, inflammation in the Eustachian Tube. It can be used six hourly.

Kali Mur, 6 xs: Very useful for Deafness if Blockage of Eustachian Tube is due to its swelling. It can be used after every three hours.

Hydrastis, 3x: It can be used if Merc sol and kali Mure is ineffective.

Mezerium, 1,3: This is also used if all of three above fails.

Calcarea Carb, 30: Useful for deafness of children especially if body of the children is flabby. It can be used there times daily at an interval of Eight hours.

Magnesia carb, 30,200, this is useful for deafness of Aged, old people.

Pulsatila, 30: If deafness begins after suffering with Measles or Cold.

CarboVeg, 30: If Deafness developed due to dryness of the ear.

Graphities,3, 30: If deafness persists from very beginning of the childhood. Gradually its potency is increased .It takes time to cure the chronic deafness and might require to be continued for six months to one year. It is practice to use intermittently Tuberculenum, 200 after every 15-20 days during long term treatment and before and after giving Tuberculinum no other medicine is given to the patient.

Some of the homoeopathic Medicines which are useful for deafness are

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