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Burning senastion intolerable, Burning in whole Body, Burning in inflammation, Burning in lumbar region.

The burning senastion may occur in the whole body or in a prticular part or on a particular spot of the body. It has various chracteristics,various modalities.The burning senastion may be a chronic case or may be acute.Burning may occur in any part of the body which got inflammed. Some important Homoeopathy medicines which are used based on the symptoms,characteristics and modality are provided herewith.

Aconite,30:In acute case of inflammation in some part of the body, there is associated symptoms of high fever,sensation of burning in inflammed part,Patient is very thirsty,drinks enough quantity of water and feels restless.

Arsenic,30,200: Restlesness and intolerable burning sensation,sudden prostartion,,burning sensation aggravated at 2Pm and 2Am. Patient get relief of burning sensation by application of heat on the affected part, drinks water frequently but drinks small quantity of water,can not drink enough water at a time.The burning sensation is actual not nervous only. It is used in acute case of burning sensation.

Phosphorus,30: In case of Phosphorus, the burning sensation may be felt in whole body or in some particular limbs,organs also.Burnig senstion originates from abdominal area or back, backbone.The burning is mostly felt on palm and arms and lumbar region.Sweating on the palms generally occure.

Sulphure,30,200: In case of sulphure burning sensation originates from chest,heart region.The burning sensation is felt on hands,legs but especially in soles. Patients stretches his legs out of the cloth covering even in very cold weather.
After Menopause women suffer of flushes of heat and burning sensation, in that condition sullphure is very useful.

Apis,3,30: Swelling and inflammation , Sting like feeling in swollen part,Burning in swollen part, Relief with cold, thirst absent are important symptoms of this medicine. Relief with cold and when its effect starts,more urination,volume of urination get increased.It is a slow acting medicine.

Agaricus,3,30:If feeling of burning sensation in skin is due to snow,snow fall and this sensation aggravate after application of cold and relief with the application of heat, then it is useful.

Cantheris,3,30:Intolerable burning during urination, Continued desire for urination and patient feels as if fire is burning inside the urinary track.

Anthracinum,3: Useful for burning sensation in cases of gangrene, felon and very bad conditions of Boils,wounds.

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